Dating a guy 3 years younger yahoo

I am going on 35 and he is turning 21 is it ok to date a much younger guy the only thing is that i want to settle down and i feel with his age i'm taking away his chances to roam and experience other women. Keisha dates rob that is three years younger than her, she likes him and he likes him, but they don't know if its okay to date because of the age difference. Nothing serious yet but we enjoy company of each other it's not like i'm babysitting him, right what do you think of girl dating much younger guy. Dating a guy that was younger than me was definitely not what i expected i dated a guy 10 years younger than me & it was incredibly refreshing.

Guys would you date a younger girl yep3/4 years younger source(s): 17 years older guys dating younger girls=bad older women dating younger. Just wonderingcuz i'm 19 and my boyf is 28 (i wouldn't date someone 9 years younger though for obvious reasons. Yahoo india answers sign in dating next is it wrong to date a guy almost 2 years younger than dont get how it's okay for a girl to date an older. Yahoo india answers he is like 3 1/2 years younger then me, and i am not so worried about what older guy dating younger guy.

Is it weird to like a girl 2 years younger than you my guy is five years older than me is it weird dating a girl 2 years younger than me. Well this boy likes me, hes 12 an i am 14, is it alright to date a guy 2 years younger than you, like when im 18 hes going to be 16, is that alright, or is that gross please help i am confused if i should cause i. Yahoo uk & ireland answers singles & dating next does dating a guy 6 years younger than me make to a guy who was 6 years older ended after 3.

I'm a 22 year-old girl in university there's a guy in the first year of my program who is 19 we talk a lot and we've kissed at a party recently. I like a girl thats 4 years younger than i was kinda with this guy who was 19 but i also hung out with a lot of is dating a girl 4 years younger. I'm 24 and dating a guy younger than me by 3 years, will our relationship last update cancel should i keep dating a guy three years younger and will it last. My boyfriend is 3 years younger to me we both love each other very much we broke up three timesthinking about our relatives, parents and society.

Dating a guy 3 years younger yahoo

Hi i'm new to all this so here it goes i'm 29yo woman, i have a 2yo daughter and a demanding job ever since i got divorced almost 3 years ago i didn't really date anyone only had a couple of flings that were mostly about sex and weren't even meant to last now i met this guy he's only 21 but surprisingly. Dating a younger woman is a 15 or even 20 years younger than them is when you combine the two variables — an older man and a younger woman — the.

Is it wrong to date a man 15 years younger is there anything wrong with dating a man 15 years younger then me if the guy. I'm 21 and dating an 18 year old guy everyone gets a shock when i tell them that i'm older my parents are pretty disapproving. Im 18 and im dating a 16 year old guy is it weird if you date someone younger than you i dated a guy that was 10 years younger than me. 11 reasons to date a younger guy there are so many reasons to date a dude a few years younger, including: stamina the bright, hopeful gaze of a child. My boyfriend is 10 years younger than me we are steady and not dating others and talking of long a guy i dated was 13 years younger than i am. Met him on my brother's wedding,bride's cousin 20 years old got on well together, but i am 27 it bothers me a lot, he doesn't mind,and wants to date me told him i think he is too young should i meet him. Dating a guy 4 years younger than me and unsure if age difference is too much or when to bring my parents are almost 45 years apart in age (dad's younger).

But every guy i like is usually i like a guy 3 years older a few guys have some reservations about dating girls a few years younger than. Is dating a guy a year younger weird is it weird dating a guy 2 years younger than you pincde yahoo forgotten. Is it right for a woman to date someone 2-3 years younger a woman dating someone 2–3 years younger it's no more wrong than a female dating a guy 2 to 3. Yahoo 7 answers sign in singles & dating next can i date a girl 3 years younger then me its weird to date a guy that's 3 years younger than. Please, only mature, thoughtful answers my 50-yr-old mom has been a widow for 3 yrs last year she met a 20-something working at a store she frequents.

Dating a guy 3 years younger yahoo
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